Stage 3 kit

This kit works flawlessly, drives effortlessly, drifts perfectly and has phenomenal
amounts of angle making spinouts a thing of the past.

This kit is recommended for intermediate to semi-pro competition Drifters.

Track use only.

Higher-end car knowledge mandatory, ASC Certified Pro custom car building experience recommended.

Cutting and Welding mandatory for installation of this kit.

Kit includes-
Modded spindles- only drift akerman
Boxed cnc arms
Extended bumb steer kit
Now with steering stops

Recommended Items for kit to properly function

Front ball joints
Camber caster plates by Maximum motorsport
Steering rack must be modded to 6in travel and properly placed forward to achieve desired results
Can only be used with a coilover strut. Also very specific adjustable
struts to be able to handle the recommended much higher spring rates this kit requires. I am an authorized dealer for
Maximum Motorsports and Feal Suspension. I can help guide to ensure proper setup of car.

With Maximum Motorsports camber caster plates I can reconfigure their assembly to give the most adjustability to correct the
steering geometry from us moving the ball joint pick up points on drift spec stage 3 arms
If using the stock K member it will have to be cut flush to frame rails of car.
Stock Springs will no longer be able to be used on that K member.
Kit does extend the wheelbase, it moves front wheels inches forward for better 50/50 balance weight of car in trying to fix front
heavy tail light handling characteristics of the car and helping fix the steering geometry.
It is recommended to eliminate the sway bar. We can under Specific Instructions leave mounts for adjustable heim joint pickup end links.
You will be cutting front fenders to make room for clearance. Major clearance will be needed as if not it will interfere with tires.
I do offer metal tack on weld on wheel flares and Maire racing fiberglass full Fender or rivet on fender flares.

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Mustang Stage 3 Angle kit

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